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Class Newsletters

Two's Class News

Thank you for coming to the February conferences. It was a pleasure to talk about the progress and goals for your child. It is very helpful to hear about things going on at home that enable us to support you child each day.

Themes: Dr. Seuss


St. Patrick’s Day

Color: Green

Shape: Diamond

Songs: Little Rabbit Foo, I Plant a Seed, Skinnamarink, Sammie, Cookies in the Bakery Shop

Dates to Remember: March 3rd – Dr. Seuss celebration

March 6th – Librarian visit

March 7th – Parent’s Night Out

March 10th – Tacky Tuesday

March 11th – Wacky Wednesday

March 12th – Parents Night (email to follow)

March 16th and 17th – St. Patrick’s Day (wear green)

March 18th and 19th – Hibernation / Wear PJ’s Day

March 20th – School closed

March 23rd and 24th – Yoga

March 31st – Librarian visit

Please check your child’s backpack each day; it is a great time to ask them about their day and what they have been doing in school. Also, please make sure to replenish diapers and wipes.

Ms. Marie and Ms. Lisa

Three’s Class Newsletter

Theme: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

St. Patrick’s Day

Weather Changes

New Concept: Rhyming Opposites

Color: Green

Shape: Diamond

Favorite Books: Dr. Seuss’ Books: Green Eggs and Ham, The Foot Book

The Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

When will it be spring?

Letters of the Month: Q, R and S

Love was in the air during the month of February. Our students made Valentines for their family and their friends. They enjoyed mailing cards to each other in their school mailbox. They are learning to recognize their own name and some of their friends’ names now! This month we will be working on identifying all the letters in their name and starting to write it.

We will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday this month; we will laugh at his stories, do many silly things like trying to balance things on our head and later in the month, they will have fun making green eggs for snack. I hope that everyone will be brave and try them. We continue to count aloud everyday especially when we do the calendar and we are working on one to one correspondence, please help them at home to go slowly and count one object to another. Towards the end of the month, we will be watching for the seasonal changes and talking about how it affects the animals.

Spring is coming! It will be nice to run around on the playground, please make sure your children are dressed appropriately and ready to go out. Happy Spring!

Ms. Joanne and Ms. Diane (M-F),

Ms. Laura (MWF), and Ms. Krystyna (MWF)


1.. Please remember to send your child to school dressed to play outside.

2. Continue to encourage them to go to the bathroom before they come to school.

3. Now that we have started the drop off / pick up; use extreme caution when you drive up to the school- some families may still want to walk.

Thanks for your help!

UPK / 4's 

We were very busy this month while we practiced reading our friends names, sharing valentines, and writing letters to one another. We transformed the writing and drama centers into a Post Office. The children enjoyed writing notes, stamping, mailing & delivering their letters. We had a Girl Scout troop helping in our class last week and a few brothers and sisters came in and read stories to our classes and shared their Kindergarten and elementary school experience. It’s exciting when guest readers join us!

We are finishing up learning about winter and preparing to take our bears out of hibernation! We can’t wait to play outside and begin exploring all of the new things that come out in the spring! We are looking forward to spring stories, songs and art projects.

Themes: Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, 5 Senses

Literacy: We continue to review our letters and sounds by matching objects to letters during circle and center time and following the correct stroke to write the letters. We will be reading many of our favorite selections from Dr. Seuss and have many activities planned to make this an exciting learning experience. Be sure to ask your child about the rhyming words they learn in stories we read each day!

Math: sequencing, patterns, measurement & number recognition

Science: Weather, 5 senses



  • For Safety reasons, please keep your child in their car seat while waiting for the teacher’s to greet them at the beginning of our school day. It is not safe to have them out of a car seat or in the front seat, walking, running or playing while we wait to open the doors.
  • Please be sure that your child goes to the bathroom before coming to school and send in a healthy snack each day.
  • Please check your child’s backpack each day. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and provide them time to talk about what they have done at school.
  • We are encouraging the children to become independent. Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing that they can do themselves, i.e., putting on coats, buttons, zippers, putting on/taking off sneakers, etc. Also, allowing them to open their own snack containers, water bottles and bags will help to improve their fine motor skills. Practicing these skills at home takes time and patience but eventually the children will succeed and feel good about their accomplishments!
  • When working on activities at school we often make notes on your child’s work to let you know how their skills may be improving and areas in which they may be having a difficult time. If you would like additional ideas/activities to practice at home please let me know.
  • For the safety of all of the children and teachers, please do not send your child to school if you feel they are beginning to come down with something or if they are sick. If they have had a fever it is important to keep them home after being “fever free” without medication for at least 24 hours.

Thank you!

Ms. Maureen

Ms. Bethann (MWF-AM & PM class),

Ms. Diane (T/TH-AM & PM class)